Going to Kazakhstan


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The theme of  the lesson ‘’Going to Kazakhstan’’

The aim of the lesson:

  1. educational – studied grammar material ( modal verbs); to get new information about the theme" Going to Kazakhstan``

2.developing - to develop listening, speaking, reading and habits on pronunciation;

3.bringing - up - to teach the children to be patriots; to bring - up a right world outlook.

Equipment: Interactive board, slides, test cards.


                                    Procedure of the lesson:

  1. Organisation moment:

Teacher : -Good morning dear teachers and pupils! Sit down, please! My name is Demeuova Almagul  Khamitovna. I am an English teacher from Khamza Esenzhanov`s  secondary school. Let`s begin our lesson.

II.New theme: - I want to begin our open lesson with next proverbs:

Slide 1. Your task is to find the missing words.

 Home is where the heart is.

 There is no place like home.

 East or West, home is best.

What do  you think about these proverbs?

Translate these proverbs, please

Slide 2. -Answer  my questions.

-Where do you live?     We live in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

-Where is Kazakhstan ?   It`s in Asia.

-What`s the capital of Kazakhstan?   The capital of Kazakhstan is Astana.

-Today we will speak about Kazakhstan. The theme of our lesson is   "Going to Kazakhstan". In order to speak on the theme, we must know some new words. Slide 6

  Let`s practice the pronunciation and translation of the new vocabulary

 Entertainment – ойын сауық, көңіл көтеру

 weekend - демалыс

 reservoir -қор

 strolling- бой жазу, серуендеу

 constantly - әрдайым

 featuring – қыдыру

choice - таңдау

sunbathe – күнге қыздырыну

climb – өрмелеу

resorts – шипажай

various – әртүрлі

offer - ұсыну

III.Work with book:  page 128 reading the text "Going to Kazakhstan".

Slide 7

IV.Answer the questions: (pupils read questions  and answer.)  Slide 8

-I will ask you some questions.

  1. Is Kazakhstan a good place for Entertainment?
  2. Where can people sunbathe?
  3. What can people do on Medeu?

4.Are there any resorts around Almaty?

  1. What is Shimbulak?


Now look at the slides and enjoy some beautiful places of Kazakhstan?

So, do you like to travel these places?


  1. Grammar. Slide 9,10,11,12

Must –модаль етістігі белгілі бір іс-әрекеттің керектігін, міндеттілігін білдіреді. You must read this book.- Сіз мына кітапты оқуыңыз керек. Must модаль етістігінің орнына кейде ( to демеулігі бар тұйық етістік алдында) осы шақтағы   have to етістігі қолданылады. Бұл әсіресе белгілі бір жағдайға байланысты тиісті қимыл-әрекеттің міндетті түрде істелу, болу керектігін айту үшін қажет.

Мысалы: I must do it now. – I have to do it now. Мен мұны қазір істеуім керек. Modal verbs must, have to, need

  1. Writing exercises. Slide 13

.  Ex. 8,9  p.129 Read and translate.


VII. Ex.13.p 130 Match.

1)We can’t repair the car.                               A) She has to wear glasses.

2)It’s my mother’s birthday today.                B)We need to get up early.

3)Aiman’s eyes are not very good.              C)We have to take it to the garage. 

4)Our lessons begin at 8 o’clock.                D)We have to buy some flowers.

5)I’ve bought some newspapers.                E)My  parents needn’t give me money.          

6)I have enough money.                               F)You needn’t buy any.


1-c, 2-d, 3-a, 4-b, 5-f, 6-e.


VIII.Consolidation. Slide 14

Make up sentences (тапсырма бойынша оқушылар сөйлемдегі  cөздерді ретімен қойып сөйлемді дұрыс жазып оқу керек)

1.Need, rest, a, you, long.  /You need a long  rest. /

  1. must, learn, you, words, the. /You must learn the words./

3.Ask, mother, have, my, to, I.  /I have to ask my mother./

4.Must, dentist, go, I, the, to.     /I must go to the dentist./

Slide 15


 1.The  capital of  Kazakhstan ?

  1. a) Almaty b) Kyzylorda       c)  Astana
  2. The population of  Kazakhstan is……. people.
  3. a) 17 million b) 16 million        c) 10  million
  4. The head of  the  state is…….
  5. a) khan b) president         c) prime – minister
  6. Kazakhstan is situated  in ……..
  7. a) Central Asia   b) Europe            c) Australia
  8. The colours of  Kazakhstan  flag  are :
  9. a) blue b) blue and yellow     c) red  and  yellow
  10. The state language of Kazakhstan is………
  11. a) English b) Russian                c) Kazakh
  12. Where is Uralsk?
  13. a) in the north b) in the west            c) in the south
  14. Which month Nauryz  is  celebrated  in ?
  15. a) January b) April                      c) March
  16. What money can you use in Kazakhstan?
  17. a) dollar b) tenge                        c) peseta
  18. 10. For guests and friends we like prepare …. .

   a ) plov              b ) beshbarmak                  c )kymyz


  1. Homework. Ex 10,11 p 129 Slide 16


X.Giving  maks. Slide 17


  1. Conclusion. The lesson is over. You were very active today`s lesson. Thank you for your attention! Good bye!


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