The cake


The aims of the lesson:

a) new words

b) adverbs

c) act things using adverbs


Visual aids:

cards, slip of paper of strawberries, cards with texts, pictures, cards with words.



The procedure of the lesson



1 min

T: Good morning, students!

 S: Good morning, teacher!

 T: Thanks, sit down, please. Who is on duty today?

 S: I am on duty today.

 T: Is anybody absent today?

 S: All are present.

 T: Thank you, sit down, please. What was your homework for today?

 S: To learn by heart new words.


Checking up the homework


T: Ok, then look at the board. Let’s check your home task. There are some letters you must guess what the words are. Take your cards and write the words.

Now change your cards with your partner and check them.

The leader of the group put your marks on these sheets of paper.

cards with words

slide 1


Presentation of the new theme


3 min

















10 min














To know our theme first of all we must divide into four groups. I’ll give you some words. Find out its translations on the table. Take your places please. Now put up your cards and pictures on the board. And now answer to my question: When do we use these ingredients?

S: When we make a cake.

T: Yes, it is right. Then our today’s theme is “The cake”. And now what do you think what will we learn today?

S: new words and learn how to do things.

T: and we will make sentences using adverbs. And learn the formation of the adverb.


Now look at the board and pay attention to these words. Read and translate them into your language.


I’ll give you some cards with texts and find out these words and underline them.


There are some adverbs here. Let’s make up a rule of adverbs formation.


Warm-up activity

There are words on the board. I’ll play the music they must mime these words. eggs, sugar, flour, mix, pour, bake.


Now match the words with the pictures.


Let’s play a game. Choose one of the cards and act these sentences.

cards with picture and words









slide 2, 3



slide 4



cards with texts


slide 5




slide 6




slide 7


cards with adverbs






Open your books at page 43. Let’s do exercise 6, How do you do things? Complete the sentences with the adverbs.


I think our cake is ready. Let’s decorate it with the strawberries on your table. Choose one of them and write your names on the other side and put up them on the one of the layer of the cake. The first layer, on the top you will put if you learn all the things in our lesson. On the second layer you will put if you learn partly. On the third layer you must put it if you didn’t understand anything at all.

Give me your marking tables.



Your hometask is the exercises in your activity book.


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