Lesson plan: Grade 2, Unit 2. My family and friends. Theme: Friend’s names.

Lesson  plan: Grade 2, Unit 2. My  family  and  friends. Theme: Friend’s  names.

Тренер: Айгүл Елеусіз, филиал АО НЦПК «Өрлеу» Институт повышения  квалификации педагогических работников по Жамбылской области, ст. преподаватель кафедры «Управления и качество образования»


Учитель английского языка: Ержанова Гулнар Бейсенбаевна, средняя школа № 26 с.Жамбыл, Кордайского района, Жамбылской области.


Unit 2. My  family  and  friends.



Zhambul obl. Korday region .School: №26

Theme: Friend’s  names.

Teacher name:YerzhanovaGulnar.

Date :

Class : 2

Number present:


Learning objectives(s) that this lesson is contributingto

2.L3.Undearstand   the  main point  of  short, slow  and  carefully articulated   talk   on  routine  and   familiar  topics  features  such  as

Colour  and   number.

2.S1.Make   basic  statement  related  to  personal   information,people  and  objects  on  familiar  topics  and  classroom  routines.

2.R1.Read  and  spell  out  words  for  others.

2.W2.Write  letters  and  familiar  high  frequency  words  when  read  aloud   or  spelt.

Lesson objectives

All  learners  will  be able  to:

   Identify    friends   names    by   looking   at  the  picture.

Practice  answer  the  question.

Write down  your  friend’s name  discuss  it.

Most  learners  will  be  able  to:

Use  most   of  new  words.

Retell  about  their  families  with  no  support.

Some  learners  will  be  able  to:

Make  up  the    picture in  the  poster.

Complete  in  the  poster.

Present  the  poster.

Assessment criteria

Recognize  the main  point  of  short  carefully articulated talk  on familiar topics.

Spell  word  of  others.

Write  letters  and  familiar  high  frequency  used  words  when  read


Use the  information  to  write  which  describe people, places  and objects.

Level of  thinking skills.

Knowledge  and  application.

Language objectives

Learners  can:

Talk  about  vocabulary  of  the  topic.


Key  words: “friends , my  friend , phone ,park ,shop , cinema , every day   etc”


Values links

MangilikYel- The  national  idea  of  on  Kazakh  home.

Cross-curricular links


ICT  skills

Projector  or  Smart  board  for  presenting  a PPT

Previous  learning

Learners  learned  the  objects in  the family and  friends.

Planned timings                               Planned activities                                              Resources






Teacher :                                        Student:

Good  morning , students.Good  morning.

I  am  glad  to  see  you .I  am  good.

How  are  you  ?  I  am  fine.

Who is one  duty  today?         Today is  dutyArman.

Who  is absent?                       Everybody  is  here.







 1-3  min













3-4 min
















STARTER.Teacher  instruction.

I  divide  your three  groups:

The  name  of  the  first  group “Apple”.

The  name  of  the  second  group  “Pear”

The  name  of  the  third  group  “ Grapes


A  learner

Works  according  to  the teacher instruction.





Teacher :

Students,  what  is  the  name  of  your  friends?

Good .

Now  look  at  the  picture  with your  own  picture .


A  learner

Biolyphs strategy by  draw in  picture in                      your  friends.  Peer  and  self  assessment.


DEVELOPMENT.Stage  abjective.

Teacher :Informal-  Peer   and group  work.

T-L , L-L1, L2- L3.


TASK 1.Write   number  of  the  sentence  in  the  box.

This  is  my  friend  Dana  and   Assem.

I am  going  to  the  shop  with Dana  on  Saturday.

My friend  Assem is  going  to  the  cinema on  Sunday.

Assem  and  Dana  go  to  the  park  every  day.

Assem’shair  is  long  black.

Dana’s  hair  is short  brown.



A  learner

Informal  assessment  and  self , peer  assessment.

L1  -  L2 ,  L3 –L4



DescriptorA  learner

Chooses number   pictures accordingly.

                  Work   in  group.






TASK 2Match  the  words  with  the  pictures  spell  them.

Teacher :  Informal , presentation   of  work .


Friends                          -------------

Car                                   -------------

Family                             -------------

Ball                                  -------------

House                             -------------

Flower                            -------------

Asan                               -------------

Dana                               -------------

Asem                              -------------


Picture  of  a         tree.












Image  of   a human








Assem  and Dana’s




























5-6  min
















7-10  min



Descriptor  A  learner

Read  wewords.Match  the  words  with                      the  picture. Pronouns the  words  clearly.

Signal  questions   strategy.

Peer assessment. Presentation  of  work.



TASK 3.Teacher : Informal , self and peer assessment.

Write the   your  friends   names.


1.      Dana  ,   anad

2.      Dana  ,  Da –na.

3.      D____



Descriptor   A  learner

Written  the blending

                    Written the segmenting

                    Written the phoneme manipulation

Work  in  pair  in   group.

     Write   the    poster

Informal , self , peer  assessment.




TASK 4.Teacher :Talk   to friend.

Informal ,  peer assessment.  T – L , L1 – L 2.


Talk   to friend.

Hi , How  are   you?

I am  fine .

What  would  you  like  to  drink  for  lunch?

I drink  a  juice ,  milk  and  tea.









The   pictures   of  letters.













Phone  pictures.







7-10 min














3-4  min


Descriptor    A  learner

Phone  a  friend  strategy by  talking  to  your    friends. Find  a  friend  who  is   your  friends.

Informal ,peer  assessment.



REFLECTION.Teacher :  Informal , answer  the  question.

Students ,  do  you   like   today  lesson?

What  is  the  topic   of  today?

What  we  did  in  the  first  task?

What  we  did  in  the  second  task?

What  we  did  in  the  third   task?

Which   task  did  you  like  lesson?



Descriptor   A  learner

Answer  the  question.

Basketball  questioning  strategy.

Informal , peer   assessment.




A  teacher 

Each  time  you  perform  each   task ,you  will  be   rewarded  with    smiley     and   fruit.

First   group  “ Apple”

Second  group   “Pear’

Third  group   “  Grapes”

Who  scores   more  fruit   is  the  first  place.

Every  tree  will  gather  its  fruit  on  the  fruit  tree.




Fantastic ,  Excellent  ,  Good.


DIFFERENTIATION .TASK  3.     By   task    in   the   three   group.



1   group “Apple”-  written  the   blending   your  friends  names .

2  group  “Pear” – written the  segmenting  your  friends  names.

3 group   “ Grapes”  written  the phoneme  manipulation   your  friends  names.



Differentiationcan be achievedthroughtheselectionofactivities, identification of learning outcomes for a certain student, provision of individual support to learners, selection of learning materials and resources based on the individual abilities of leaners (Theory of Multiple Intelligences by Gardner).

Assessment – how are you planning to check learners’ learning?

Health and safety check







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