Mira Seksenbaeva
Lesson plan of the teacher of English Seksenbayeva Mira, conducted in the 4th grades

The theme of the lesson: «Gaston» Ex 1-5 on p 183,184
The aims and objectives of the lesson:
a) educational to enrich pupil’s knowledge, to enlarge their interest in learning foreign languages and to introduce the pupils with new words and with new grammar material and give them more information
b) developing to develop pupil’s habits in speaking, reading and translating, to develop communicative skills and abilities
c) cultural to bring up pupil’s interests, respect and love to foreign and native languages, to educate them to respect their classmates, teachers, friends and to educate them to be a honesty
The type of the lesson: mixed lesson
The kind of the lesson: mastering of the new material
The methods of the lesson: speaking, comparing, completing, question-response, bring storming
Visual aids of the lesson: pictures, notebook, grammar table, numerals
Interdisciplinary relation: Kazakh languages
The procedure of the lesson:
І. Organization moment
Teacher’s activity
- greeting;
- to check the attendance of pupils;
-to pay pupils attention to the lesson;
-to check the preparation of the lesson;
Student’s activity
- greeting;
-acting on duty;
-to prepare for the lesson;
ІІ. Checking up the home task
Ex 13 on p 182
(teacher checks the homework on the pupil’s copybooks and some pupils and some pupils will write it on the blackboard)
Pupils will write it on the blackboard
III. Explaining new material
1) work on new conception
a) Modal verb: “MUST”
“MUST” – міндетті, тиісті
I IHe He
She must read She must not (mustn’t)
We every day We eat too much tasty
You You
They They

Must She write
We every day?
Pupils will learn and write down them in their copy book
b) New words. Ex 4 on p 184
finger [fiŋgə] саусақ
body [bodı] дене
foot [fu:t] аяқ (тобықтан төмен)
leg [leg] аяқ
toe [tou] башпай
arm [a:m] қол (иықтан төмен)
shoulder [ ouldə:]и
hand [hænd] қол (білектен төмен)
knee [ni:] тізе
Pupils must repeat after teacher and write down them their vocabulary book
2) tasks for the development of cognitive abilities
Ex 1 on p 183
Can you tell right from wrong? Say what you must (mustn’t) do. You may use the following: …
Ex 2 on p 183
Make sure that you remember how to say numbers in words
Ex 3 on p 184
This doll can help you to learn the names of the parts of the body. You know some of them. Read and remember
Ex 5 on p 184
Learn to read the words and sentences: first read them to yourself, them aloud as quickly as you can
If pupils make mistakes teacher will correct them
IV. Consolidation of the new lesson
To consolidate the lesson by asking questions or translating
V. Homework
Ex 10 on p 188
They are the right things to do, aren’t they? So agree with the statements.
If pupils don’t understand the homework they will ask
VІ. Evaluation
VII. The end of the lesson

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