Going places. Types of transport

Going places. Types of transport

Сабақтың тақырыбы: Going places. Types of transport

Theme: Unit 5.Going places. Types of transport.

Grade: 8th

Aims: To introduce with types of transport and develop speaking, reading, writing skills.

Result of the lesson:

  • They can say their opinions.
  • They will learn to critical thinking
  • They will know to mark themselves
  • They will know types of transport

The main idea of the lesson: Every country has its customs

Materials: Move Ahead 2 by Printha Ellis, Ken Wilson, James taylor

Resources: Interactiveboard, cards, pictures, shapes, papers.

Going places. Types of transport

Procedure of the lesson:

I. Arise the interest

Organization moment


— Good morning, dear children!
— How are you today?
— I’m fine, thanks! I’m very glad to see you!
— Good morning, dear teacher!
— We are well, thank you! And you?
— We are, too!

Talking with duty:

— Who is on duty today?
— Who is absent? — We’re on duty today.
— Nobody is absent. All are present.

Dividing into groups by clothing Now pupils I want to divide you into two groups.
They take some cards with pictures about travelling

They will divide 2 groups:

  1. Travelling by sea
  2. Travelling by land

Brainstorming Let’s hang out the clothes. They must make sentences with words.

East or West, home is best.

Every country has its customs. They will complete the proverbs and read.

II. Introducing new lesson

Let’s start our lesson. The theme of today’s lesson is “Types of transport».

Children name types of transport

Find the meaning

Checking up the home task Ex.1p.32.

Underline the defining relative clause.

Ex.2p.15. Answer the questions Pupils must find the definig relative clause and answer the questions


  • Rickshaw — рикша
  • Subway — метро
  • Roller blades — ролик
  • Trolley bus — троллейбус
  • Underground train — жерасты пойызы
  • Flying boat — ұшатын қайық
  • Scooter — скутер
  • Ferry — паром

They will repeat the new words and learn pronounciation.

Reading: St.B.p. 36. Read the 4 descriptions of types of transport and try to match them with four of the pictures. Pupils read the descriptions and translate into Kazakh.
Then match them with pictures.

III. Warm-up

Just dance kids 2

Hokey Pokey

They will repeat the actions on the screen and sing a song.

The game: “Who is quicker?” Ex.1p.21. Put these words connected with transport and worlwide travel into the correct categories

Children come to the board and try to remember the words from the list. They must say them to secretary of their group.

Cinquain about transport

  • Name
  • Two adjectives
  • Three verbs

Make a sentence of four words

They must write cinquain poem about one type of transport.

Make a poster. Compare nowadays transports and transports in the past

They will make a poster and say own opinions about transport.

IV. Conclusion

Giving home task: St.B.p.21. ex.4. read the definitions then make compound words with travel/ traveler/ travelling.

Children write home task on their diaries.

V. Reflection

Children mark the each other with marking list. They will write their opinions about the lesson.

Saying good-bye T: Now, I see that you like travelling, transport very much and know a lot of interesting things about it. Well, our is over. Thank you, good-bye!

Ch: Good-bye!

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